Michael Young

Brooklyn Boy - Style Enthusiast -

Entrepenuer - Model - Cool Kid

I'm young and exciting and don't always know where I'm going, but I'm always determined to get there. I’m always changing, always evolving, always embarking on a new journey; including this blog. Aside from the cool flicks and perks this site may entail, I have a passion for the underlying foundation - sharing, learning, relating, being understood, and Pokemon! 


Initially, the name and hashtag "MikeStyled" was created to showcase my many different style ventures, tips, and secrets. This site aims to serve as a guide, platform and new perspective on all things fashion, lifestyle and menswear related. With combining my personality, experience, and "style" with other artists, designers, photographers, creatives, and other brands, I aim to continue creating relatable content and an inspiring environment for all young, motivated, creative individuals that are out there and have a common goal.

This is dedicated to you all. Let's work!